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Sept. 7, 2010 UPDATE: As Mega Super Mammoth approaches the 1 million-hit mark, I’m finally rousing myself to perhaps get in here in the coming days and cleaning up and updating the site. I’m actually a bit stoked about doing this, something I’ve not felt for two years. Now that yet another person has screwed me over, the allure of working with something more impersonal has appeal. Hopefully you will see some progress here this week. I’ll try to start including all your new suggestions. Thank you. -Evan

Dec. 21, 2009 UPDATE: Again, I’ve logged in after being off the site for most of the year. I’ve gotten myself into it all pretty deep: life, that is. The blog continues to exist as a petrified bug in amber; the edges eaten away by deterioration and time, thus a lot of dead or changed links. Now I have a huge job to do here and I still don’t feel like doing it. As I said a couple of months ago, I’ve been out of commission for the last year–almost all of 2008 and all of 2009–and the site is a mess, I realize. Some major sites that were linking to me seem to have gone; and who can blame them. I obviously can no longer subsidize the blog of the year contest or devote time to it. Despite all of the dead links and all the cleaning up that needs doing around here, a lot of you still seem to find the site useful. I even got contacted by a guy from NPR about it, but I had to decline participating in his radio report.  But, you know, it’s the cockeyed caravan of life: all the stuff about leaving your wife and losing your job and falling in love and being dumped. All that’s the stuff of sad songs, and the rugged ole hide of the mammoth has a few scars to show for it. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have time to update this site, but it may happen soon. At least I’ve logged into here after not doing so since early this year. Thanks for your patience. Love ya all. Evan

This is the ORIGINAL, authentic MEGA SUPER MAMMOTH MP3 Blog List, found ONLY at the GRAVYBREAD blog here. Accept no substitutes or impostors.

What’s on this page?:

mammoth-side-crop-55-2.jpg1,700+ MP3 music blogs & sites listed with URLs (we also list FLAC, OGG and other high-quality file-posting sites).

BlogSites “rated” according to a highly subjective system that defies explanation and is in accordance with my personal tastes, which are pretty wide-ranging. I tend to prefer full-album blogs over single-track sample ones and appreciate sites that offer massive quantities. The ratings are otherwise super-subjective and not meant to offend. The assumption is that all the blogs listed here are worth checking.
Trust, but verify…

What the “ratings” mean

Blog without bold letters = a good blog of its type, but one of lesser interest to me for various reasons: eg., might contain typical pop, rap or other forms of newish commercial/popular music that are not my bag (they may be yours), or may have good samples of obscure-ish indie/garage/bar bands, or may offer cuts rather than full albums. Always worth checking for the odd or unexpected surprise.

Blog with bold letters/lowercase = a good blog of some interest or niche value with good material; worth checking occasionally.

** Blog with bold letters/two asterisks/lowercase = Blog of high interest with unique items; worth checking weekly or at least monthly.

*** Blog with bold letters/three asterisks = Blog of primary interest (to me) and worth checking regularly. Unique material and/or lots of it.

*** BLOG WITH CAPITAL LETTERS/three asterisks = Top-of-the-line blog of strongest interest to me (tends to have unique rarities) and worth checking daily or weekly.

Want to be listed here? Just leave a comment and ask/request. If you have a lot of free music to offer and appear to have a serious/viable share blog, then you’re in like Flynn. If you are a pay service, don’t even bother trying (your message will get the heave-ho). Also, comments welcome if you found the blog useful.

Two Ways to Access the Content

top-mega-select.jpgYou can go to the bar at the top of this page to get to the “Mega” A–Z listings. You can access these from any of the pages. Also, they can be accessed at the bottom of this page. There also are other link access points on the pages.

Now in the Gravybread Annex Archive: Our famous “Pact with the RIAA.”


NEWS and Opinion for the MP3 Obsessive:

SO YOU WANT TO START A MUSIC BLOG AT WORDPRESS?: Don’t do it. I’ve noticed a lot of music sharing blogs are deleted by, causing people to lose a lot of work and forcing them to restart their blogs at Blogger or elsewhere. WordPress doesn’t seem to have much tolerance for outright music-sharing. -EG

Hey kids, we’re now fortified with Super Fuck-you Regeneration Power! That means that Mega Super Mammoth is periodically saved in html form so that we can be back online promptly in case of some catastrophe.
The mammoth hunts, but he also makes provisions for his survival.

Why I’m not breaking out the entries at Mega Super Mammoth into specific genre categories. Several of you have suggested that I list sites/blogs by particular style or genre of music. This would work for some blogs, but a whole lot of others—perhaps the majority of them—feature such an eclectic array of styles that categorization would be, if not impossible, then certainly inelegant. My main reason for not displaying blogs by category is a philosophical one: I believe that preaching to the choir never results in enlightenment. I prefer that people stumble through here and maybe discover something they might not otherwise have heard. Separating things into categories siphons people off into things they already know. That’s not what life’s about, as far as I’m concerned. -Evan G

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The Little Guy Introduces You:

mammoth-tinyflag-10.jpg This cute little tiny mammoth feller (bit of an oxymoron, wot?), sidles his soft fur and brittle newborn tusks up against the latest blogs added to this list. Watch for “The Little Guy” whenever you’re looking for new additions made within the last 30 days here at Mega Super Mammoth. -EG


A word of advice: If you use any of the blogs you find here, please leave positive comments for those blogmasters, especially if you download or sample anything. It’s courteous and only takes a few seconds to do. REMEMBER to bookmark or blogroll us because the list is dynamic and updates will be added regularly. If “Mega Super Mammoth MP3 Blog List” is too mega-long a title, you can list us as Mega Super Mammoth (OR) Gravy Bread (OR) whatever else sounds good.

The Not-So-Mammoth Disclaimer:

coffeespill.gifNeither the blogmaster nor WordPress are responsible for any heinousness you might encounter by clicking on any of the links herein at Mega Super Mammoth. We’re not responsible for whatever experience you might have in downloading files posted by other bloggers or sitemasters at Rapidshare, Megaupload or other locales. This site is a collection of existing links to other websites and nothing more. There is no music stored on this website or shared by it; therefore, there is no intellectual property infringement whatsoever. By clicking on any of the site links herein, you agree to these terms.


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COMMENTS BELOW WILL BE WEEDED/DELETED from time to time to keep the page size reasonable.


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  1. onehappycamper says:

    Fantastic list…very helpful resource..thank you for the work you’ve done.

    • Ninad says:

      Its really a helpful article for me to find my favorite songs on Internet …. I would like to suggest you to put more helpful articles specially for music lovers like me……..

  2. B0BB says:

    Thankyou – I recommend this page as the ideal starting point for anyone wanting to educate their ears – best of luck to you sir.

  3. JR HeatWarp says:

    Wow!! What a massive undertaking! Congratulations on this fine compilation and many thanks for thinking so highly of The Heat Warps.

    Well done!

  4. shekky says:

    sweet jesus! what a treasure!!!

  5. Jeff says:

    Impressive site……….you have worked your ass off to put this together and I am most appreciative. Thank you for your time and effort.

  6. Found your place tracking back on referalls! Good Golly! Great job, Evan! I have shared this site with my friends at LP. Appreciate the effort here. LP

  7. ludovico says:

    Oh my god…

    What an amazing list. This is gift that will keep on giving on par with Totally Fuzzy in promoting the exponential growth of my collection of music essentials, oddities and time capsules. Thanks so much!

  8. Esther says:

    Hi, Gravy!

    WOW! You have the grand-daddy of all lists! Thanks for putting it together for everyone! And thanks a million for the 3-star rating on my blog (Stax o’ Wax) – I’ve added a link to this wonderful list of yours!

  9. GarColga says:

    Holy Jeebus what a list! Thanks for the ‘great site’ comment for 8 Days In April!

    See ya.

  10. Willard says:


    Many thanks for the notice and the honor. This place is incredible. The attention is much appreciated. Gonna get you a case of beer for that one.

    As for Kurtz…

    I just want to talk to him.

    PS: And watch out, those goddamn monkeys bite you, I tell you.

  11. just a quick note to say that your blog rules the schoolyard.
    thank you for taking the time to assemble and maintain such a great resource.


  12. Dori Doreau says:

    wow, THAT’s a list worth checking out… *speechless* thanks for all the work!

  13. H. Figurine says:

    Thanks for the list, and for mentioning my site. Already seeing traffic from here.
    Great job you’re doing, thanks again.

  14. zecalouro says:


    Mega Mammoth List is getting even better. Truly awesome work.

    Let me know when you start your MP3 Blog of the Year Award in June, I can help and also engage. 🙂

    Cheers, zeca

  15. ec brown says:

    Hi EG,

    Glad to stumbled across this!
    I do plan on getting around to sporadic new entries to my mp3 page this summer, but I’ll be happy to post a link to your page the next time I do. I still gets me traffic, but I do feel pangs of guilt for my page gone to seed.


  16. Lucky says:

    Your list really has expanded… and your updates + announcements at the top of the blog are highly appreciated…

    a BIG thing to deal with, but every worth the effort! 😉


  17. MacIntyre says:

    Thank you very much for putting the mammoth markers by the new entries. It really does help. And thanks for being responsive to those of us who asked. It makes an already great site even better.


  18. mel says:

    great unbelievable blog!! congrats!!

  19. Tr00f says:

    WICKED site man!!! Thank you so much for this resource. I decided to stop D/L’ing the dangerous, risky p2p and torrent resources because of this. I enjoy the hunt and you’ve provded the national park!!! Thank you.

  20. SamIam says:

    Hiya Evan,

    Just came across your page in my travels and want to congratulate you on a well-assembled site/list. Thanks for including me in the list even though I haven’t been able to devote as much time to posting recently as I would like. I didn’t see too much overlap between your indicated tastes and mine but it seems we like a lot of the same sites anyway.

    Keep up the good work, as you can tell from the comments us bloggers are very appreciative. So much great music and so little time.

    Cheers, SamIam

  21. Baby Grandpa says:

    Thanks! Three stars… Let’s see if I can get to that level of bold and capital letters! 😉

  22. mephisto says:

    Duh! forget that last comment, you were well ahead of me obviously!
    My sincere apologies for that 😀

    Keep up the great work 😉

  23. mephisto says:

    By the way, you can add that mp3 blog search widget here on your page for your visitors to use as well, if you feel that way inclined.

    You can find it on

    there’s a link at the bottom of the page. “Add this search engine to your blog or webpage”.

    Everybody, you and all other bloggers that visit here can put that widget on their blog or page. This is not resticted to totally fuzzy, just because we made it.

    Anyway, whatever you seem fit.



  24. mephisto says:

    Evan can you contact me at Totally Fuzzy A.S.A.P.

    I’ve been trying to find your email address on here, but no luck so far. Leave it in a comment there, it’ll be emailed to me and I will delete it from comments to protect the innocent 😉

    I’ll get back to you A.S.A.P.


  25. zilchie says:

    Great list! Great effort!
    I found this like I find so much stuff…following links. I came upon this blog thru Tofu hut, and glad I did. It’s a gold mine!

  26. mrB says:

    woooo, that’s a list.. great to have listed soundsofthe70s and rated it well !

    big ups to you man!!


  27. sasha says:

    any chance you could post the 100+ newly added blogs in a seperate section

  28. gravybread says:

    New blogs are all indicated by little elephant icons. Look there. Will not be separating them. It’s too much work already just doing the basic list.

  29. Baby Grandpa says:

    Well, Evan, I have to admit that I’m honored!

    Thank you for the compliment and the support!

    Also a special shout out to my man Smooth, who has definitely contributed to this good news!


  30. NMos says:

    Just discovered your lists; it’s amazing how much effort you have put here. I’ve just added a link button for your site in my blog, taken by totally fuzzy.
    In my blog I upload albums (with their front & back covers and inlets if any) from all genres. I’m always driven from current events for each upload. See for yourself. Hope you’ll like it and include it in your list.

  31. Federica says:

    Hey Evan 🙂
    What a HUUUUUUUGE list! I think your site is a MUST-HAVE in bookmarks for every music lover out there!
    I’d appreciate if your add my blog to the listings as well, it’s quite new (only a month online) but I add new material almost every day. It also is completely ad-free, nicely designed (by me… yeah.. I’m a graphic designer:)). Genres i like are: electronica, post-rock, experimental, jazz, classical and all kinds of beautiful mostly instrumental music.

    I hope you check it out (and maybe even grab something you like)
    Thank you for hard work and devotion to sharing good music.

  32. Jazzsoulman says:

    Great site, it’s very helpfull to divide the good ones from the lesser good ones. I also share your opinion on “Baby Grandpa’s” lovely site.

  33. nmos says:

    Thanks for putting me in your list, as well as for your nice comments. Congratulations again for your site. Keep up the good work.

  34. miles says:


    thank you for adding ‘birds with broken wings’ to your wonderful labor of love. much appreciated.

    best regards,


  35. cosmo says:



    please feel free to add it to the listing. and thanks for all the support


  36. JC says:

    Congratulations for this wonderful site with its truly mammoth list. This will keep me entertained for years to come!

    I would be extremely thankful if you could add my blog to the list. I usually post anything that I’m listening at the moment, with an emphasis on electronica, experimental, and indie pop/rock/folk.

    Keep up the good work,

  37. Ian EBH says:

    I run a punk music blog called Going Through the Motions. Full albums, mostly out of print. I also do reviews and stuff, too. Just letting you know in case you might want to check it out and add it to the list. Thanks!

    Ian EBH

  38. mrB says:

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( LOVE AND HAPPINESS ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    (((((((((((((((( FIGHT SELFISHNESS AND THE BIG CORPORATIONS )))))))))))))))))))

  39. Toxxy says:

    Hi there.

    What a fantastic job you’re doing here, congrats & thx indeed!

    We have just added your logo-button on our site, go check it out.

    At “Shakin’ All Over” we post various stuff from a lot of different music genres, so do drop by…

    …and let us know what you think about our site.



  40. SAINT says:

    GREAT SITE.. Thanks for all of the effort you put into this..

    I just opened a SOUNDBOARD bootleg site.. Love for you guys to come check it out..

    I’m posting stuff from Bon Jovi, John Fogerty, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Idol, GNR, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Tom Petty… Lots of good stuff..

  41. herr m. says:

    hi! blog opened in june this year. mission: compiling the web! 😉

    would be pleased if u list me! thanx in advance

    herr m.

  42. Time Bandit says:

    I just found your site at another great music-blog “Shakin’ all over” (the new version of Re-Upped)

    I started out my self for about two weeks ago, and hope to get listed at your blog.

    The blog is called C-60 Low noise and focus on alternative rock mostly from the 80’s /90’s and sometimes a trip down memory lane to the 60’s and 70’s.

    Have a nice weekend!

  43. ozz says:

    the more this gets popular, the more the chances of riaa forcing google to do something about the ever increasing number of music blogs. and believe me, your site can do a msaaive amount of damage in the sense it provides this huge list of copyright violators. that would be a sad day. please delete the blog and do us all a favour. those of us who download music from music blogs know our way around enough to find the stuff we want and incase we really need to save a site for later, we bookmark our favourite ones.

  44. I added a small link section to my blogroll with the music sites I visit, then stumbled across this amazing list, which I’ve also linked to.

    I found a few sites that don’t seem to be in your list, so here goes: – Great and definitive western swing – The entire discography of Violeta Parra of the Chilean New Song genre – Music from Chile, past to present – Blues and roots – Classic r+b, rockabilly

  45. Nolan Micron says:

    Hi there,

    Great list. thanks for all your efforts.

    I have just kicked of a new blog which I am updating regularly. Mostly vinyl rips at the moment from eighties indie bands. Hope this is of some interest to you and you can include me on your list.


    Nolan Micron.

  46. Tons of Brazilian Music updated daily.

  47. paulopatah says:

    Loronix, I agree with you, is a killer blog. Zecalouro deserves the prize. I like very much Zinhof too.

  48. Matt-Ori says:

    blog Back On The Road is on new adresse:

  49. Tunestop says:

    Excellent collection , great selection.

    Growing blog with various genres from electronic to instrumental:

  50. Nae says:

    This isn’t exactly a music blog, but it’s an amazing website, and a bit ofo searching will reveal TONS of free albums for download, mostly from underground artists in a vast variety of genres. I’ve been a member for 2.5 years, and I’m obsessed with this site.

    Try searching the tags for “free.” “full album,” etcetera. You’ll find a lot of amazing music.

  51. GarColga says:

    Hi – I believe ozz (comment, Nov. 23rd) is onto something. The shocking amount of new music blogs, most of them posting nothing that hasn’t been posted lots of times already, is a danger. Google will eventually be forced to deal with this. Please remove my blog 8 Days In April from your blogroll.

    Thanks in advance.


  52. Tim says:

    new blog, just started:

    I’ll be posting all sorts of stuff, but with an emphasis on noise, noise-rock, art-punk, post-punk, experimental or uncategorizable music, and the obscure

  53. Quink says:

    Hi! I think your blog is great for discovering new music blogs. I myself have started one 2 not so very long ago and I would like to be added here, because I could use some traffic!

    Thx! Keep up the good work!

  54. i started a 50’s rocknroll rockabilly and weird music blog brand new

    hope you visit

  55. Jazz-Nekko says:


    i have been running my jazz blog for several months now. i recieve quite a bit of praise from visitors. so, i thought i would see what you think. . .

    i already know that my tastes in jazz are solid 😉

    i would appreciate it if you took some time, check out “the pit” and

    let me know what you think – i am curious to see where you think i belong with my friends at orgy in rhythm, call it anything, baby grandpa, my jazz world, etc.


    jazz-nekko (aka okinawan jazz-devil)

  56. lemoncat says:

    fantastic site you have and so helpful thanks.
    i’m having a few probs trying to link here..
    so anyone who wants to check my music
    here’s a link for now.

  57. Swill says:

    Another add request, my blog BURNING MINDS has full albums of obscure psych, sludge/doom metal and other head musics organized around the theme of “Mind Fucking”.

  58. great site! i’d love to get a mention here if you think my site is worth it. i just started so please be easy on me 😉

  59. Andrea says:

    Very nice! Great site!
    Attention for this gold mine: Toque Musical (
    This is rare and best brazilian music 🙂

  60. urge2burge says:

    Love the site! Must be a lot of work…anyone interested in quality jazz shows can come visit me at and download lots of tasty stuff. Try it…you might even like it!

    all the best guys, urge2burge

  61. Mario says:


    I came here from my old friend ZecaLouro´s website, Loronix,and I strongly agree that his blog is just THE BEST Brazilian Music Blog I´ve ever seen on the Blogosphere…
    I started my own musical space last July,and like you,I love to share good ol´trusty good sounds to special friends…I´m totally eclectic,and love to make some special mixes with all kind of music…
    I used to say that I only post albuns that I would really like to download myself,and that´s my rule number one !!!!
    I would love to hear your opinion on my humble site…
    A big hug from The SpeakerMix !!!!

  62. Justin Thyme says:

    Just wanted to say a goodbye to all the bloggers & visitors of my page.

  63. Redtelephone66 and Tamara have joined forces to post her vast library of psych and psuch in the early stages but will be posting a lot of obscure psych and psuch that was originally posted in the NG Check it out!!!

  64. Tim O says:


    Thanks for giving my little site ‘a go’ – I appreciate it.

    Tim O

  65. Grant says:

    Hey! My blog and I are based in Cincinnati. I cover Louisville from time to time. Since Louisville was my stomping ground growing up (Southern Indiana native) I try to make it to Ear-X-Tacy as often as possible!!! Anyway. You have a great list, I hope it continues to grow.

  66. DJ Muppet says:

    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into this blog. It. Is. Awesome. 🙂

  67. Poncho says:

    So, what characteristics do you consider to be “RIAA Bait”? I’m sure we’d all like to avoid that!

  68. Pancho says:

    I was serious in my earlier post about avoiding “RIAA bait” but you deleted my comment and didn’t answer my question. I’d really like to know.

  69. gravybread says:

    Pancho, I haven’t deleted any comments. i just haven’t had time to read through and approve them yet. I have 41 comments yet to look at and approve and address. I have a backlog of requests from bloggers wanting to be included in the list–and all of those remain unapproved. I only update this thing every few months now.
    RIAA-bait is potentially virtually anything that is being posted, except for material that originates from outside the United States. Theoretically, even the most obscure lounge record from the ’50s is RIAA-bait. Realistically, though, RIAA-bait probably refers to big-selling stuff such as Beyonce or the Beatles and even lesser selling but relatively popular stuff like Zappa. Even music originating from outside the US is subject to some form of copyright law, obviously. So what’s the difference? There’s an odd form of moral relativism that exists in this music blogosphere, and if you want to cut down to the crap basically all blogs are violating something or another. The question is: Are you OK with that on some level? There are a million justifications for posting copyrighted music files, the most common and understandable being: “The record company sits on all this wonderful, old, obscure, artistically interesting stuff and consigns it to a vault and keeps if off the market, thus limiting my music choices. Therefore, why should I not post this material to ensure that others can enjoy it and save it from undeserved oblivion?”
    Right now, I don’t have the full answer for you. As I say at the top of the page: “More to come” on this issue, when I can get to it.
    In the meantime, use your common sense and caution.

  70. Justin Thyme says:

    Hi Evan. About my page. I had kinda painted myself into a corner. A, I was in the BETA of Blogger & chose to leave the BETA version. B, I had too many files in DivShare & had begun to max my bandwidth. Needed to regroup.
    Have you really heard all 13 volumes of my Samba Showdowns? Pop me an email & I’ll gladly pass along the password.

  71. gravybread says:

    Thanks for writing back. To be honest. I downloaded all the comps but have not had time to listen to more than perhaps two of them (there’s so much out there to grab and listen to and so little time, it seems). I like the same kind of Brazilian music that you do, so I obviously like the comps. _EG

  72. Mário says:


    I really wanna thank you for all the effort you´ve been made to give us the best blog links,and also to link my blog…Needless to say that your clue is giving us more than 1000 visits a day !!!! That shows up all your energy and knowledge on this matter…Please,go ahead with your job,that continuesly gives us very helpful tips and joy of good stuff !!!
    Many thanks & hugs from Brazil !!!

    Mário – Speaker Mix

    PS: so happy to see that Justin returned back with his fantabulous space…Congrats,and long living for Justin’ Thyme !!!!!!

  73. AtX says:

    To Evan/Gravybread–

    Holy sheeyit! May I just say, Sir, that YOU are a GOD! This blogroll/site list is among the very best I’ve encountered. Bless you for your relentless pursuit of aficionado music blogs and the rest. Thank you, thank you, thank you…..

  74. stace says:

    It’s common knowledge for private bittorrent trackers to not mention or even allow their members to mention the names of other private trackers who do not explicitly want to be named– so as not to draw a large degree of undue attention to themselves. Yes, people create music blogs to share music, but a “mammoth collection” of every mp3 blog that exists is set up to draw a great deal more attention than one small music blog that is only known about by a few people.

    as a matter of respect between webmasters, I would think you’d want to honor the reasonable requests of others to not index their sites, if they so choose.

  75. stace says:

    the above being said… thanks for this list 🙂 you’ve put in a lot of work. i’d volunteer to help arrange it by music type… as much as some of them can be categorized.

  76. gravybread says:

    Thanks for the offer. Let me keep you in mind in case I do this. However, philosophically I decided that for now I will leave Mega Super Mammoth as “jumbled” site because the idea is to let people “accidentally” stumble into musical areas that they might not otherwise try. if I “ghettoize” the list by categories then it becomes a matter of “preaching to the converted.” It’s like people who watch Fox News to hear only what they want to hear instead of all sides. I’m for eclectic… -EG

  77. Son of Spam says:


    I just wanted to ask if you could add my blog to your list.

    After 18 months of hard work, the previous version of my site (Model Citizen…Zero Discipline) was, shall we say: “Archived or Suspended” by WordPress’ rather incontinent admins.

    But I’m happy to announce that Model Citizen…Zero Discipline is back up and running on Blogger.

    I obviously don’t have the same number of posts and songs as my previous site, because I’ve been forced to do some rebuilding (starting with stuff I didn’t have there previously, anyway). So, it’s still a work in progress.

    But I’d love it if you could add me, so I can increase my traffic. It’s been a lonely few weeks!




  78. MattK says:

    Red-eyed and fatigued I dance on to the new sounds pulled from the ether that make this 4th of July the day that I truly celebrate independence!

    I cannot thank you enough for your efforts in putting together such a fantastic site.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

    Matt in SF

  79. Aquelarre Joe says:

    Hi there!
    Very good job yours!
    I’ve linked you at my 2 blogs! and
    Please link my blogs at yours, ok?
    Thanks a lot! Cheers fro Brazil!

  80. Psychotronic420 says:

    Just wanted to say Thanx for all great work ……..Mammoth and Fuzzy are just about all a seeker of tunz needz to find great music………..much much much more effiecient than trying to use googles blogsearch and its hit and miss results………

    Cheers mates

  81. gravybread says:

    Thanks, Psychotronic. -EG

  82. sophie says:

    aww its sweet of you. thanks

  83. Anders says:

    I enjoy the manner how posts are organized by date, month and year. I love that a new content is shown each and every day. I like how the articles are provided into readable chunks and not just hoards of slangs. I too like that there exists a determined separation between the diverse posts. There are no irritating pop-ups as some show. It’s fantastic to see a blog that’s not filled with commercials. The writer let’s no stone unturned. The good aspect about this site is the fluency and refinement of prose in articles.

  84. I love mp3 says:

    This is a good example of how blogging should be done. Thank you very much I learned a lot reading you post. Thanks.

  85. Peter says:

    I’ve never been aware of these kind of things happening here on earth! Fantastic! Thank you so much for all the efort.

  86. Casey says:

    I had no idea there were so many music blogs. What a lot of effort and time you are putting in…sharing all these sites.

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    Anyway I hope that my new blog can be listed . It offers rare, deleted, hard to find and bootleg music. I also take requests and is a ‘dofollow’. Feel free folks to drop by when you have a moment. Thanx again dude :]

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  114. […] The static web is a diverse and ever swelling world. There are literally thousands of music blogs, all focusing on different things. Some focus on specific genres, others on live performances, others on geography, and others on specific time periods. Some are relatively inclusive (e.g. All Music), while others have editorial boards that screen incoming content (e.g. Pitchfork). Some of the blogs that usually rise to the top in the independent music scene are Stereogum, Aquarium Drunkard, Muzzle of Bees, Gorilla vs. Bear, Catbirdseat, and Largehearted Boy – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a big world out there. […]

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    Also, just wanted to mention that in no way is my blog *intentionally* “retro.” 😉

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    My God…I’m glad I’ve made it back!!! I had to have my computer re-imaged and all my favorite sites were abolished. I’ve been trying to relocate this site for 3 days. I’m back and happy I’ve located the most trusted blog list known to man kind!!!! Mega Super Mammoth is the CNN of blog lists 🙂

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    I just started a music blog. I’m new to all of this and I am working to make it better. I am also trying to figure out how to get people to read it. The focus is mostly on punk, country and folk for now but we’ll see what happens. Thanks.

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  148. One more for your consideration…

    A little of everything–but a lot of classic country and blues (so far, at least).

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  158. buckw says:

    Nice blog. It’s unfortunate that you’re so politically naive , though.

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    Sorry, Tarkus: O Blog has been removed.

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    Hey, I have one of those blog things, too!

    Some obscure and not so obscure soul/jazz/disco re-edits done by myself. I also went and painstakingly time stretched a lot of these older records for the djs. Some remixes that I’ve done, too.

  175. Meatskull says:

    Not sure if you read all these comments, or if this is the place to notify you of my blog, but here it is.

    It’s a spot covering a very wide selection of sounds – mainly mixtapes/compilattions I’ve made and sourced around the interweb. Check it out, it’ll fit right in here at your great site.


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  222. gravybread says:

    BW, thanks for the compliment, despite the label you want to give me, I’m not a kneejerk anything. I have my own opinions that mesh with what is deemed leftist. I used to be a Ronnie Reagan conservative until I stepped back from things, looked at what was actually going on on planet Earth and considered the full marketplace of ideas and began to understand the systems and what drive people instead of being led by the divisive Fox News mentality. If anybody actually believes that the system we have in this country (USA) works just great for everyone then I would say they are delusional. Clearly the least odious system that exists today would be a mixture of socialism/democracy/capitalism like that in most of Europe, which is not to say that is perfect, but it is a step toward something that blunts the current Third World mentality in this country where the wealth gap and corporate control have gotten out of hand.

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