This is Why Cities Get Sued

May 23, 2007

100_0451.jpgWhat you’re looking at here is a foot-and-a-half deep hole on Langdon Drive next to Rolling Hills Plaza (a few steps away from the Dollar Tree) just off Westport Road in eastern Jefferson County (Louisville), Ky. This thing has been inviting car tires and unwary night walkers and bikers to fall into it for months now. It’s been there at least two months without anything being done about it, although I noticed this past weekend that somebody had finally at least put a caution horse with a reflector around it.

Somehow our society has money to waste in Iraq but not enough to fix minor yet potentially dangerous infrastructure problems like these. It’s about priorities, folks.


Dead Fish in a Parking Lot? Beats Me

May 4, 2007


Dead fish in a parking lot.


I have no friggin’ idea. While biking to work this morning I turned off Louisville’s Third Street bound for Kroger with the intention of buying some foodstuffs for lunch and nearly ran over these critters scattered in the lot.

I wonder why anyone would go to the trouble of capturing these poor things only to trash their bodies on a city street. They look too small to be eating fish, so I doubt a produce/meat company truck dropped them. They look like something a Bill Dance-wannabee redneck might have caught for “fun” and then just decided to dispose of. Who knows?

There’s something metaphorical about the times in this: the waste and the senselessness…

Other than that, happy Kentucky Derby weekend to all!