Ain’t It Comforting to Know How Businesses Handle Your Personal Information

August 1, 2008

While riding along on my bicycle a few days ago I passed this dumpster behind a strip-mall type shopping center on Westport Road in Louisville, Ky. Flat on the ground next to it was this birth certificate from someone who, presumably, was either presently or previously employed by one of the businesses therein. I took this shot of the Kentucky Certificate of Live Birth lying there wet on the pavement, from which we learn several vital statistics on a young lady who was born in 1986. I’ve blurred out the contents of this certificate using Photoshop, lest anyone be so inclined to try to extract the data. After doing so, I trashed the original images. OK, so maybe a birth certificate is one of the lesser records in terms of truly private data, but still, doesn’t it kind of suck that personal stuff like this is disposed of so carelessly?

Just thought it was interesting…