A Lovely Day to Get Sunburned

June 10, 2008

Sunday June 8 provided your buddy Gravy a chance for some afternoon lazing about on the ole deck with an old Realistic Patrolman radio tuned to Mexican-style music on AM 620 WTMT Louisville and some bottles of Jamaican Red Stripe at the ready. After many years of experience with the sun I knew very well that sunscreen was called for with the blazing rays piercing through the midday blue sky, but overconfidence won out and I decided to go au naturale. I stupidly assumed that I would be OK as long as I wasn’t exposed for very long, but as it turned out it was long enough. So it was that an hour or so later the tops of my legs and my shoulders were reddened. Later that day I went to Kroger and got some moisturizing relief in the form of Burt’s Bees all natural lotion, aka “After Sun Soother” made with aloe and Linden flower and bee extract of some kind, and that did the trick nicely. It was $10 a bottle but worth it to know that I wasn’t slathering my skin in the industrial chemicals that make up most commercial lotions. The following are some pix from the day.