What’s the Deal with Microsuck IE & WordPress?

March 8, 2007

If you’re using Microsuck’s Internet Exploder [yes, I meant to type it that way] as your browser, then you probably notice that on the home page of most WordPress blogs the categories/blogroll stuff in the right column all gets pushed down way to the bottom of the daily postings. wordpress-logo.jpg

First, let me implore you to cease using IE as your browser. Get something else, like Firefox, that works better with WordPress blogs.

In the various discussion boards addressing this problem I’ve seen about 10 million different reasons as to why this “lost” blogroll phenomenon happens, and just as many indecipherable solutions involving codecs and other stuff that makes my head hurt, especially since nobody ever walks you through the sconfused.jpgolution or tells you exactly where you’re supposed to access the WordPress page structure stuff to make these changes.

So, I don’t know who to blame for this problem: WordPress, for making something that isn’t compatible with what is presumably the world’s most-used web browser; or Microsuck; for once again managing to create a browser that can’t handle something that doesn’t bother all the other browsers.

internet-explorer-slashed.jpgFor now, I’m very disappointed that my blogroll stuff in the right column does not stay at the top like it should. Isn’t there an easy non-techie fix for this?

Anyway, stop using IE for starters.