Why Facebook can eat my ass

January 25, 2010

There was a hellish place in the dim past I called high school where large chickens clucked around and plucked out my eyeballs, such was the clique-ish pecking order. The day I left it was like the removal of a weighty millstone chained to my leg. Then a year or so ago I joined this “place” called Facebook and I started noticing that people I hardly knew started acting like large chickens pecking out my eyeballs again and the old popularity contest/hierarchical social, peacock-feather-sporting, attention-whoring crap I remember from 30 years ago was again under way. Somehow I had voluntarily re-joined a high school clique of 20-somethings and much older supposedly grown people who barely knew one another, and I noticed how horny guys in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, me included, started hitting on all the women/girls and it was like a fucking horse race (or high school) with everyone jockeying for position (yeah, I “LIKE THIS” that you did some unremarkable mundane thing, and liked it only because you’re a hot chick) and me again realizing that I’ve never been popular and never will be and don’t need to be within yet another context that emphasizes it — being reminded of the greater popularity of others who, when feeling charitable, throw crumbs of validation my way — and I said enough of this fucking shit. And I bolted for good. If you can’t meet me for real, or call me for real, I don’t fucking want to have anything to do with you. If I’m not worth your time to call and really relate to, then to hell with it.
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Incinerating Facebook

December 22, 2009

Facebook is a pernicious polluting pox on the Earth, and I will be deleting my account there. Perhaps I will explain why in my next posting.