Sheer Genius! That’s What it Is!

March 13, 2008

coyotegenius.gifLet’s see. I’ll sell them all on unhealthy lifestyles, then overprescribe massive amounts of drugs upon which they will all become dependent. Then, when they shit and piss all that drug residue into the water system and the water companies are unable to filter it all out, it will go back into the drinking water system and make the healthy ones sick and the sick ones sicker—thus necessitating the issuance of even more drugs upon which they will become dependent.



Is Alex Jones Under Attack?

March 4, 2008

No matter what you think of master internet radio conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (I agree with him and disagree with him roughly 70/30), you have to honor his right to articulate his message.

Today, right now, in the afternoon of March 4, 2008, Jones’ show has been sensational, featuring guest Russell Means of the Lakota Republic, the torture of people and animals in Iraq, the fact that trained killers sent to Iraq are enrolling to become our future policemen, and much more.

Several times today, the show mysteriously cut out (including during Means’ interview from a phone line in South Dakota).

The question is: Is the show under censorious technical assault by the Bush fascist government?

Go to the show now and listen and see if it happens again.