That Weird Sky Last Night in Louisville, July 5

July 6, 2007

sky-15pct-july5-07.jpgHeat lightning flashes added to the already unusual dusk backlighting of the clouds made last night an interesting one in the sky here in Louisville, Ky.

It looked like another summer thunderstorm was trying to get going, but it fizzed out, but not before we had one of those unique skies that last only for fleeting moments. This light lasted for only about 20 minutes to half an hour about 9pm. You to have your antennae out, an eye on the window, and a willingness to turn off and leave the TV for awhile to sense when something interesting like this is going on.

I took lots of pix, but for now I’m just posting this one, which sums things up well enough.

I’d like to think my cat was enjoying the show, but I think she was just locked onto some bird.


-Evan G