“Good Morning Slaves…” – Check out the Stimulator at Submedia.tv

July 18, 2008

My oh my, what gets discussed on public transportation these days: Noam Chomsky and Alex Jones and neo-conism, etc…. A bus compadre discussed politics and alternative media with me this morning and he clued me into The Stimulator, a glowing green disembodied mouth and pair of eyes who speaks truth with an Hispanic accent over at Submedia.tv. After his greeting, “Good Morning Slaves,” our host offers up a decidedly non-corporate-media take on the state of things. I’ve linked him in my blogroll under Politics_Alt Media/Orgs. Give him a watch and listen. Thank you. P.S., yes elites, free discussions take place on buses, and maybe world revolution is being plotted there, so get your paranoid FISA-emboldened asses on board and start listening. -EG