October 13, 2009

So, this is the short story of why I haven’t been here much.

I fell in love with a girl last fall. Left the wife for a couple of months. The girl dumped me. I went back to the wife. We got along for awhile but were soon at each other’s throats again. I’ve left her three times since. Last week I lost my job of 22 years. My position and that of another colleague was slashed. My bosses had for budgetary and marketing re-positioning “new media” reasons cut the hard copy magazine that my editorial position had been created for back in 1987. So in recent months I’ve been an editor and writer on other things, but ultimately the organization couldn’t justify the salary they were paying me, which was one of the highest on the staff. So now I’m re-energizing and getting ready to pound the pavement. It was not a great surprise, which is why I’m not taking it so badly. They have to pay me for six weeks of unused vacation. I kept my vacation at max just in case they pulled this very shit. Anyway, I’m optimistic, but it probably means little time for blogging. In the meantime, check out my movie top 10’s list up there atop the bar on this page. The list is the result of a sickness I’ve harbored since I was a kid. Sorry I haven’t been able to check the comments and messages here; there are hundreds pending. But you know, I have to live outside the cyber realm. Soon. -EG

Gravy Bread’s Life is in Tumult, Please Stand By

September 3, 2008

Well, I hope soon to be able to inform you as to my status. I am ending one relationship and beginning another. I can’t reveal full details yet. So there’s bad news but also lots of good news (actually it’s all good news but there’s a struggle ahead). I really can’t wait to tell everyone, but for now I just can’t tell. I will try to maintain and expand the Mega Super Mammoth MP3 Blog List. But even that I’m falling behind on. Please bear with me. When things get worked out your host will be a happier, healthier camper and a better blogmaster. Yours truly,


The Fix is In – Soaring Winter Heat, 2008; or, Just Who Says So? And If We Know So Much Now, Why is Nobody Acting to Avert It?

August 6, 2008

Here we are in the summer of 2008 and already at mid-year, the local and national news has been fed the directives from its corporate masters and informed us that winter 2008-2009 will be appallingly expensive if you, as a human being who needs to avoid freezing to stay alive, want to heat your home. So, I want to know, who told them this? Where has this information come from? Which executives sat down and decided that home heating will be expensive this winter? Give me some names! Who are they? How do they know so far in advance what is going to happen? The media never tells us. We’re just told that the word comes somewhere from on high, so get used to it and tough shit if you don’t like it. History tells us in times of heavy speculation, prices soar. Guess what’s a popular commodity for speculation right now? That’s right, oil and gas. The fix is in folks. Let’s see if the corporate-owned politicians in either of the corporate-owned political parties will do anything about it when it hits. And, since we already know so much in advance, why is nothing being done these many months in advance to stop, avert, or ease the situation, or ensure fairly priced energy to average citizens? We have several months to take actions, but instead we’re just told we have several months to brace ourselves. Last winter, people had to borrow money to heat their homes, or got so far behind in their payments that they’re still playing catch up. Why are basic necessities that used to be manageable, marginal expenses in the monthly family budget, like heating and health care, now luxuries affordable only by Rockefeller types? The more deregulation we’ve gotten, the higher things have gone—which completely puts the lie to all the BS right-wing promises. Old people and families will freeze this winter, but that’s OK; it’s the free market, after all, and that’s the highest good to which we can aspire. Right? Remember when those Enron energy managers were overheard on an infamous telephone tape laughing at making a killing by shutting off power plants so that California’s grandmothers would have to pay out the ass for electricity? It’s happening again, folks. And what kind of answers do we get from apologists for this kind of system? None, just the usual nonsolutions, defense of the energy status quo and tired diversionary epithets: “Communist!” “Socialist!” “Whaddya want companies to give the energy away for nuthin’?” So, just what kind of fucking country and world is this becoming? Who runs the law in this country, corporations or citizens? Congress can pass a price cap in two seconds if we all demand it. But that won’t happen because we know who really runs the country. The Boston Tea Party looms; the warm cushy mansions harboring the fat and satisfied few will be invaded; the revolution is coming folks, and I’m there. -EG

Home Energy Prices Are Expected to Soar (at New York Times)

R.I.P. George Carlin: A True Giant

June 23, 2008

George Carlin is with the worms. Not with God. He knew that was bullshit, and said so.

Unlike Tim Russert, whose eulogies ate up inordinate amounts of bandwidth, newsprint and talking head time this past week, Carlin was a real giant, a true innovator. Perhaps it’s petty to play a game of “dueling dead guys” or “my dead guy is better than your dead guy,” but, unlike Russert, who, when all is said and done never really spoke truth to power, Carlin did. The fact that Fox News hounds eulogized Russert as vociferously and lovingly as anyone else tells me that. Faux News fans cringe at the likes of Carlin, aetheist, critic of religion, and the Bush and Nixon regimes, and general thorn in the side of those with fascistic tendencies.

There will be a lot said about Carlin, I should hope, in the coming days, particularly by other, more articulate and insightful bloggers.

I’ll only note that I always considered it ballsy that PBS hired Carlin to be Mr. Conductor on the pre-school kids’ show, “Thomas the Tank Engine,” considering what a controversial figure he was. That was a great ‘fuck you’ to the Jesse Helms’ and the like of the world who staged political assaults on public TV.

I’ve known Carlin’s work since the ’70s and own all of this records and CDs. He was one of the funniest men who ever lived. Too bad he won’t be around anymore to blast the purveyors of bullshit.