So, this is the short story of why I haven’t been here much.

I fell in love with a girl last fall. Left the wife for a couple of months. The girl dumped me. I went back to the wife. We got along for awhile but were soon at each other’s throats again. I’ve left her three times since. Last week I lost my job of 22 years. My position and that of another colleague was slashed. My bosses had for budgetary and marketing re-positioning “new media” reasons cut the hard copy magazine that my editorial position had been created for back in 1987. So in recent months I’ve been an editor and writer on other things, but ultimately the organization couldn’t justify the salary they were paying me, which was one of the highest on the staff. So now I’m re-energizing and getting ready to pound the pavement. It was not a great surprise, which is why I’m not taking it so badly. They have to pay me for six weeks of unused vacation. I kept my vacation at max just in case they pulled this very shit. Anyway, I’m optimistic, but it probably means little time for blogging. In the meantime, check out my movie top 10’s list up there atop the bar on this page. The list is the result of a sickness I’ve harbored since I was a kid. Sorry I haven’t been able to check the comments and messages here; there are hundreds pending. But you know, I have to live outside the cyber realm. Soon. -EG

One Response to Downsized

  1. musicman says:

    Look on the bright side you had a pretty good time wife girl and a job. But all things come to an end,… and bla bla. Life sucks sometimes but it gets better I think?

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