Still on hiatus, a brief update

Your ole pal Gravy has been swimming with the tide lately, sopping up life’s drippings on my rickety, flimsy fragile liferaft, inadequate perhaps to the task of navigation. It’s going to be awhile longer before I can get back to this business of blogging. My life continues to be in tumult; the gravy makes for thick wading. I’m moving ahead, but the high viscosity is a challenge. Divorce looms and a rebound romance has failed, but there are other lovely people who’ve gained my eyes, ears and maybe my heart. And my existing friendships have strengthened. Everyone I know is getting the whole story, and they all have advice. I listen, and let the ideas bounce around, making echo sounds off my inner skull, because my brain has turned to mush and can’t absorb them too very well. I’m a dreamer and I hope. Romance is all that matters to me right now. All very interesting, and all very time consuming. But hey, at least it’s life, moreso than blogging, and lots more interesting, yes?


3 Responses to Still on hiatus, a brief update

  1. ohrobot says:

    You’re such a damn romantic. 🙂 Sorry that life isn’t totally good right now, but it’s nothing that a little booze can’t fix right up. You have a great blog man!

  2. gravybread says:

    Thank you OhRobot proprietor. I do have a little booze every day. But only a few glasses of wine with dinner; sometimes there’s a lady on the other side of the glass. The wine makes us frisky. Life is good, but complicated. I fear I’m hurting people I don’t want to. I’m seeing a therapist. She gives me good advice. I heed it, sometimes. Much is up in the air. I juggle, possibly not any better than when I pick up objects and toss them into the air. They usually all fall to the floor. This candle of mine has more than just both ends right now. I’m kind of enjoying it, as much as despairing of it. A friend has told me to stop being so damned romantic and get “grounded.” I don’t know how much I believe her, because she seems to be on a neverending quest as well. So I ramble. Take care my good fellow. -Evan

  3. stay romantic. so i’m not the only one

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