Gravy Bread’s Life is in Tumult, Please Stand By

Well, I hope soon to be able to inform you as to my status. I am ending one relationship and beginning another. I can’t reveal full details yet. So there’s bad news but also lots of good news (actually it’s all good news but there’s a struggle ahead). I really can’t wait to tell everyone, but for now I just can’t tell. I will try to maintain and expand the Mega Super Mammoth MP3 Blog List. But even that I’m falling behind on. Please bear with me. When things get worked out your host will be a happier, healthier camper and a better blogmaster. Yours truly,


4 Responses to Gravy Bread’s Life is in Tumult, Please Stand By

  1. Nati says:

    How do we get linked to your Mega Super Mammoth mp3 Blog List?

  2. bovineradio says:

    Hi Evan – absolutely love your work. how do I get a link on the listings? I put a lot of love into my music blog which is just starting to take off and it’s done in dialogue with most of the artists. I’d love it to be in the list, but I’d love it even more if you visited and download some of my shows!

    Kind regards from Glasgow, Scotland

    Chris Dooks,

  3. oh robot says:

    Wowsers man! I hope that all went well for you. You’re very cryptic, but mystery is what makes a good man. I’ve been on a little hiatus from the blogosphere myself…these kids ain’t gonna raise themselves. Be good! Keep the tunes going!

  4. iwrote says:

    Sorry for what you’ve experience.

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