The Great Poetry Project

Here it is, the good, the bad and the ugly of my poetical effusions. I’ve posted more than 100 of my poems so that all can peer into my soul, as it were, the wistful, the funny and the dark and the dank. Almost all of this stuff dates from 2001 when I was a member of a poetry reading group. Some of it is embarrassing, some of it quite skillful if I may say so. Some of it is almost there with a little work, some are unfinished. A least a couple of them I’m quite proud of. Anyway, for the edification, boredom or brickbat throwing of all the world, Evan Gilling’s Poetical Works [an ongoing project], in no particular order, here at Gravybread on WordPress.
REMEMBER to scroll through “previous entries” at the bottom of each page to access them all.

Just to give a flavor, here is one of my better ones:



We walked gingerly
through fetuses
of the American Dream;

through skeletons
erections coming
into being

we poked around
in places
soon to be the spaces
of strangers

we didn’t belong,
as we glided
through wall frames,
grazed wires

we probed the guts
of blueprints,
secret plans
and dreams

bundles of seams
where electricity
and blood
would pulse

warm cases
for the breathing
to sleep and grow

row after row
of identical
unfinished creations

secluded havens,
neatly arranged
in crowded isolation

the same
American Dreams


c. 2001, 2008 Evan Gilling


One Response to The Great Poetry Project

  1. noran says:

    I bookmarked it so i can them when i have more time.

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