Shoot a Liberal Today; or How To Disagree to Disagree

Take a good look at this fucktard – the face of American neoconism 2008.

This is a Mr. Jim D. Adkisson. A few days ago he shot up a church in Knoxville, Tennessee, and killed a few people because he thought they and the church were “too liberal.” They were, in this hater’s world view, too tolerant of gays and other people who didn’t meet this upstanding churchgoer’s high standards of morality.

This jobless wonder was mad at the world, mad at the “liberal media,” mad at anyone he considered enemies of the ill-defined and ill-executed “War on Terror.” Mad at the Democrats for ruining the country.

Mainly, he was just mad at himself.

Mad, maybe, because he slept through history class.

Slept through the parts about how Republican Party stewardship of a laissez-faire economy in the 1920s led to the Great Depression and how, once that cataclysm hit, it continued to ignore the worsening crisis and let things fester on the policy that everything would right itself and be OK. After all, capitalism cares.

Slept through the parts about how a bold Democratic president decided that the United States was a better place than some dog-eat-dog bastion of barbarity and put in place safeguards such as social security and other safety nets such as welfare so that jobless Americans wouldn’t get sick and die like dogs in some Third World country when the great capitalist system abandoned them—safeguards all opposed by compassionate conservatives.

One of the legacies of this new deal was food stamps.

So just what program do you think this anti-liberal timebomb and hypocrite Adkisson freely and gladly partook of when this slouch of a grouser lost his job?

That’s right, food stamps, of course.

So when you hear of some conservative type bellyaching about the evils of liberalism, remind him or her about all the people who came before him or her—who in many cases risked their lives—to bring them the comforts that come about when progressives fight for fairer labor laws such as safety regulations and overtime pay and health benefits and food stamps and minimum wages and the countless myriad other things that capitalism and conservatives have always fought against.

And note that the only thing that was keeping his ingrate sorry ass alive was a liberal program—and, yes, he is still alive as we speak, while some dirty liberals he wanted to punish are dead or hurt. Some gift-horse taker, this guy.

Oh, and by the way, look at how this asshole chose to exercise his second amendment rights.


5 Responses to Shoot a Liberal Today; or How To Disagree to Disagree

  1. Obviousely a communist led website designed to lie to its followers. FWIW I shoot libtards for sport, I don’t vote for them. See you in the streets. Anywhere, anytime. I’m waiting for you cowards.

  2. gravybread says:

    This response could just as well have been written by the very guy who’s the subject of this article; there’s no difference in the mentality. This is the kind of time bomb we have out there, folks. A genocidal mind — angry at something and not able to parse it — whose solution is to be the Orkin man of humanity and wipe out all the bugs he can’t stand. Hitler had more sophistication than this guy does. Instead of knowing the facts, he’s decided that this blog is supported and funded by the Communist party and that I’m a stooge and/or agent of said party, when I’m in fact just a singular man with an opinion who follows and is led by no one. But, if he thinks it strengthens his argument to apply easy, provocative labels, then enjoy yourself and keep it up.

    So, this is another brave one, this guy, offering to meet me or whomever in the streets with a gun in his hand, whereby he can blow you away at 50 paces at his safe distance. Some bravery. It would be braver to talk to a fellow human being at a table two feet away with a beer. But that would require him to be social instead of pathologically anti-social.

  3. gravybread says:

    Additionally, I need to say that I won’t be meeting with this guy over beer, since he’s already made illegal death threats against me and any random “libtard” he deems unworthy to draw breath. If there was a shred of tolerance and reason in his voice it would be different, but as it stands he’s nothing but a common criminal with illusions of grandeur, and all reason has flown his coop.

  4. gravybread says:

    All of you angry middle-aged white men, let me offer a word of advice. There’s something in this world that will calm you down and make you feel better about the world. It’s something I have and probably something you don’t, and to get it you have to become reasonable and sensible and try to tap into what Lincoln called the better angels of your nature. I’m an average-looking 51-year-old man and I have a smart, hot, petite, super-sexual 28-year-old brunette girlfriend. We’ve been together for almost two years. So, yes, I would prescribe to you some young pussy.

  5. gravybread says:

    Notice, too, that this guy — instead of volunteering to go to fight in Aghanistan or any other war that he supports others dying in instead of himself — offers to shoot his fellow citizens. This is the rabble-rousing extremism that Fox News has wrought among idle minds.

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