Did You Ever Look Like Marlene Dietrich?

If you’re a heterosexual male who’s dreaming that you’re looking into a mirror and this image at left is more or less what you see reflected back into your eyes—except it’s in color, highlighted by a hint of medium reddish lipstick—and you really like what you’re seeing, and feeling good about looking like this and feeling this way, then what in bloody bejesus does it all mean? Yes, I dreamt that I looked sort of like Marlene Dietrich and had on a top hat, and pasty white face with perhaps the nose a tad more splayed out and the face maybe a little rounder, and some of the aforementioned lipstick, which I particularly fixated on, since, for some reason, it seemed like the most natural part of the ensemble and everything else seemed new and strange and surprisingly agreeable. Am I getting in touch with my feminine side, my gay side, my side that is tired of being average, unglamorous and unnoticed? Or does it just have something to do with the fact that I recently watched that cherished scene of Dietrich in the 1930 film, Morocco, where she, in this very get-up, plants a hot lesbian kiss on a diminutive brunette cabaret patron, partly to tease legionnaire Gary Cooper but also because she just likes doing erotic things like that? Or does it feed into my frustrations at not being able to have women that I’d like to have, romantically, sexually? In my waking state, I have no drag-queen desires, no urge to don stockings and sing “Quand L’Amour Meurt” or “Ich Bin Die Fesche Lola.” It was an isolated thing, and it only lasted a few seconds, just a blip on a rich full night of dreaming. But it was way too much fun, and that’s why I ponder it. And lest any of you boys want me to “see what the boys in the back room will have,” forget about it. -EG

2 Responses to Did You Ever Look Like Marlene Dietrich?

  1. johneboy says:

    what in th…of all the people…uhhmmm…Marlene Dietrich ? Really? well, she was a looker, so i cant knock your taste, and i can think of worse things to dream about. But what shade of lipstick was it, exactly? and where does one find the proper top hat?

    I looked through my little dream dictionary (no laughing, everyone has one) thingie, and i couldnt find a listing for Dietrich, so no help there. What ever you ate before bed might be investigated as the instigator of said slumber-movie. Is there any thing, um, weird in or around your home…say a nuclear power plant, power lines, or a FEMA trailer?

    more questions, few answers…sigh.

    (oh, and thanks for the blog list! too cool, and very useful)

  2. gravybread says:

    See, Johneboy, this is where I am woefully unqualified to comment; the shade of lipstick is out of my range of expertise, this is why I rather ambiguously say “medium reddish.” It was definitely reddish, but not dark, though not light either, with maybe a hint of purple. What shade is that? I can’t say. At least I know I dream in color. Power lines and all the rest can be ruled out, as those things were all scoped out before the wife and I selected the house. My diet is uneventful and varies little from day to day. I think I had pasta and sauce, though the jar of sauce in the fridge might possibly have been open a little longer than is prudent to consume. Perhaps that’s the culprit. I think the real reason is that my brain was just feeling frisky. -EG

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