Turds for Obama to Sweep Up; or Why Hardcore Righties Want to Lose

Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe the hardcore Republican faithful want to lose this election? First, general discontent with the party is so rampant in the country that Obama almost seems a shoe-in. With that state of affairs, the right-wing core can sit back, relax, complain, and be indignant about a wishy washy nominee like McCain. Then, when he does lose they can say, “See, I told you he was the wrong candidate.” Could it also be that the adherents of the Grand Old Party are feeling so guilty about the wretched state of the country their bozo president has led us into that losing the election would be a form of saving face for them? After all, they’re too prideful to ever admit to the cascade of fuckups and moral bankruptcy inherent in the regressive policies that have resulted from the regime that they so enthusiastically backed. Thirdly, they can sit back and watch Obama struggle and drown in the mess that they have left behind [one of their favorite phrases] and thus say, “See, Obama can’t lead, is ineffective and has led this country into the shit, just as we predicted.” They are, in effect, handing Obama a turd and asking him to make lemonade. And they are ready to pounce on him for it. Then they can offer up another favorite Republican candidate to save us from the liberals. Genius.


7 Responses to Turds for Obama to Sweep Up; or Why Hardcore Righties Want to Lose

  1. ssw07 says:

    EXCELLENT! Bravo! You are right on the money! Keep it up.

  2. Kurt says:

    I think you’re right.
    I also think that this strategy is pretty stupid. I mean, what if Barack really cleans up the mess and democrats get all the credit? The GOP will be set back for at least eight years. Playing the waiting game in politics, like being smarter by half, never works.
    But if they wanna go that way…

  3. gravybread says:

    Perhaps I’m being just a bit “Swiftian” with my argument in order to slip in some digs. Do they really want to lose? Well, let’s just say the wind sure seems to be out of their sails in this election cycle. Their destructive policies have worn even them down, it seems. By the way, I hope Barack can clean up the mess, but I’m afraid it is far too big for him, or anyone else. -EG

  4. Rosie Rose says:

    I don’t see how you clowns can bag on a man who for the last 8 years has led this country. 8 and 1/2 of which were during a time of war. Why don’t you slobs try to do something to better this country…I mean something other than sitting at your computer talking shit about a man who has had the balls to stand behind his plan in Iraq even in the face of great opposition because it is the right thing to do. I can see how a man like this should be put on the internet making a face taken out of context at some random press conference probably. Kudos to you all though, I am sure that you are all productive members of society who go out daily and say to yourselves, “What can I do to make this country better today?” And for that I say Thank You, because of your rediculous posts about OUR President this country is a better place to live.

  5. gravybread says:

    Finally, an opposing voice. If your satire meter worked, Rosie, you’d be able to match up the photo of Bush that I selected (in which he appears to be straining or making a poo poo) with the headline of “Turds for Obama to Sweep Up.” And, yes, as you say, OUR president has the balls. I just wish he had the brains – once in awhile. Because balls alone cause bulls and men to charge bullheadedly into places thoughtlessly without a plan, and leave a bankrupted country without a pot to piss in. And yes, this country is a better place to live in, if you think a better place means the worst deficit and national debt in human history, a shrinking middle class, the overseas flight of jobs, the destruction of the living wage, the erosion of health care benefits, the continuing neglect of the infrastructure, the fact that military personnel have to buy their own armor while Halliburton makes $100 for hauling a few gallons of water for a mile, the fact that China nows owns us and is eating our lunch and, well, easily a thousand more great achievements that will be the legacy of OUR president. No, Rosie, you and the grossly incompetent mismanager of a president that you blindly support are “rediculous,” but let me spell it correctly and say: ridiculous.

  6. Rosie Rose says:

    Well played Sir, well played. Have you been to Iraq? Have you seen what we have done there for these people? Do you have even one clue about what you are talking about without your spellcheck? It would appear not. Though sadly i have to agree with you on the Halliburton comment my support ends there. However, I have not yet met a soldier that has had to buy his own body armor. Good job on the site though, thanks for keeping all of these jobless clowns living in their parents basements somewhere to come and try to use the knowledge that they have aquired through Wikipedia and Yahoo News. You rock.

  7. gravybread says:

    I’m a big fan of the novels of Graham Greene, particularly “The Quiet American,” because even when it was written in the mid 1950s Greene could see how America’s penchant for do-goodery would only end up with us causing a bigger mess than when we bumbled into Third World countries (eg, Vietnam or Iraq) in order to “improve” them or do things “for these people,” as you put it. Can we honestly say that Iraq is a better place today than when we went in and bombed the shit out of it? I’m not in favor of dictatorships, but neither do I favor colonization, and colonizers are how we are seen by the natives on the ground and now are even seen that way by the fragile government in power (which wants us gone). Yes, our good intentions, as the old saying goes, often lead to disaster.
    First of all, our presence in Iraq should have nothing to do with helping people (that was not the initially stated goal of why we went in there; it just morphed into that when the original reason was shown to be bogus), unless you believe the intent of our constitutional founding fathers was that “defense” of our country means being the world’s colonizing police force, meant to preemptively invade sovereign countries whose dictators we don’t like and replace them with democratic puppet governments thought up by people like Wolfowitz in some right-wing Washington think tank. I don’t think that is our constitutional duty. Do you, honestly?
    As to the comment about jobless clowns in their basements, I’m not sure who you are referring to unless you mean all the neocon keyboard commandos (and their heroes like Iraq War architect Dick “five deferments” Cheney) who bluster about the righteousness of this war and the traitorous liberals that they seem eager to recruit for the battle but are unwilling themselves to volunteer and shed their own blood or that of their children for the same end. By the way, I usually don’t require spellchecking because I know how to spell; it’s part of my job. Yes, I have a job and my taxes support a war I oppose. So, I’m doing more than my part for the cause, however misbegotten it may be. -EG

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