Sheer Genius! That’s What it Is!

coyotegenius.gifLet’s see. I’ll sell them all on unhealthy lifestyles, then overprescribe massive amounts of drugs upon which they will all become dependent. Then, when they shit and piss all that drug residue into the water system and the water companies are unable to filter it all out, it will go back into the drinking water system and make the healthy ones sick and the sick ones sicker—thus necessitating the issuance of even more drugs upon which they will become dependent.



2 Responses to Sheer Genius! That’s What it Is!

  1. benafia says:

    It is called opportunism.

    A whole new area of business to profit from opens up with each new problem, then we get to charge everyone for what once was practically free. Then strangle them with supply and demand rationalizations.

    Why? are you against being a predator on your fellows problems?

    You can go back and live in the stone age with Barny Rubble, the dinosaurs, god and Jimmy Hendrix, and hand drawn cartoons. The rest of us non anti Business patriots will be waiting for an accident or someone to fall, so we can charge them to get picked up.

    Meanwhile, I have an honest job to do; go dropping roofing nails on the highway for the tire company. (A giant tire company was right at the bottom of the worst road in the world in Texas. Literally 5 inch jagged concrete sharp edges sticking up every slab going down-hill for about a mile, hubcaps lying all over the place.) Nothing like honest work to feel like a real American. Surreal American.

    You just point to the few bad apples. Why do you liberals hate our way of predatory living? I mean, taking advantage of someone elses situation. Yea, that’s the ticket.

  2. gravybread says:

    Thanks for the Stephen Colbert-style satire, Benafia. (In case the unsubtle among you don’t get it).

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