Site Overhaul Under Way

Wrenching stuff about here on the blog to make things load faster. The 300+ Louisville, Kentucky links in the blogroll just wasn’t cutting it in terms of page download time. So these have been deleted from the blogroll and combined in a single link there that links to my new “LouKY” page which will include all those links. This is still under construction, as I have to reactivate the links.

Am doing another major slice and dice on the Mega Super Mammoth Pages and splitting the A-D listings from the main page. Also, I discontinued some features there (such as the MP3 Blog obits) to cut down on verbiage. There, again, I was having slow downloading time. Hopefully these major changes should help readability, accessibility, neatness and loading times.

As the cold air sets in, activity here should pick up again.

-Evan G


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