Does Evian Give You the Runs? Verdict Inconclusive

100_0565-13.jpgI’ve had lots of bottled waters but have to admit that I’d never tried the much-vaunted French H2O, Evian, until this weekend. Walgreen’s has it on sale this week for $1 for a large 1-liter bottle, which makes this usually pricey item affordable to me, and thus worth a try. I have to say, it’s pretty good, not as soft as I might have expected, but nicely neutral with no hint of plastic that I can detect; the product comes in what seems to be a pretty good grade of hard PET plastic. By chance, I was store hopping on my bike on Sunday and crossed paths with my next door neighbors. I mentioned to them that I had just bought this Evian for the first time and the good lady informed me that she had tried it once and got such a severe case of the runs that she was laid up for a day. “That’s ’cause it’s mineral water,” she explained. Sounded kinda unpersuasive to me. Although Evian does have a lot of dissolved minerals, I don’t think they’d cause diarrhea. As it turns out, though, I’ve been a little excessively “regular” ever since I started drinking this stuff a few days ago, but that’s probably because I concurrently developed a craving for raisins that I have satisfied to excess by downing handfuls of the sweet shriveled grapes. I think it can be reasonably assumed that my regularity-in-overdrive can be attributed to this, not the water.

Anyway, there is another question that comes up in regard to Evian that I can’t seem to find a good, conclusive answer for (at least in searching the discussion boards via google)—and that is: Why is there a tiny “do not refill” command on the label?

The various posited internet speculations include things such as:

** “Evian knows that if consumers are so stupid to buy bottled water in the first place they will blindly follow any command on the bottle and continue to spend more money on new bottles instead of refilling them.”

** “The plastic in the bottles begins breaking down immediately, putting excess chemicals into the water.”

** “Unscrupulous entrepreneurs and bartenders have refilled empty Evian bottles with tap water and sold them as new.”

All, some or none of these may be true, or not.

Since the 1-800-633-3363 Evian consumer number is printed right next to the warning, I decided to go ahead and give them a call and ask.

A rep by the name of Sofien politely explained: “Evian is bottled under strict sanitary conditions,” which are not replicated when consumers refill and reseal the bottles.

So Evian considers it a customer safety issue. I find it hard to argue with that reasoning. Whether it’s entirely true or not is up to you.


7 Responses to Does Evian Give You the Runs? Verdict Inconclusive

  1. Steve says:

    Evian is a joke on America.

    It’s French tap water.

    Want proof? …

    what’s Evian spelled backward.

    Ok, that’s a bad joke, and an old one. I just don’t think Evian tastes very good … at least not at room temp.

    So how are you? What’s new?

  2. gravybread says:

    Hey Steve,
    I’m OK. You OK?
    Well, if Evian or Walgreen’s were trying to hook me on that water by halving the price temporarily, they didn’ succeed. But they did get me to try it. I didn’t find it to be the world-beater some people claim it to be . It was heavier than I expected. ‘Twas OK, though at the 1-liter for a buck deal. I’ll probably go back to Deer Park or Kroger or Roxanne or whatever’s on sale next week. I’m an anti-fluoride guy, which is primarily why I go with the bottled spring waters.
    What’s new is pretty much whatever you see here at Gravy Bread. Well, that’s only part of the story, of course.

  3. aliyah says:

    l have been drinking evian water for two years now l drink 2ltrs a day.with tap water l felt my stomach bloated with evian water l never had that problem.l just wanted to know can evian water cause sciatica or any kind of back back problem started after l started drinking evian water is there any link.

  4. Anakin says:

    You have to watch the spring waters arrowhead mountain spring water contains fluoride. It’s in their website.

  5. gravybread says:

    I am making a request of all bloggers “in the know” to post the names of any brands of spring water that contain deliberately added fluoride. There’s no sense in buying water for purity if the water companies are just going to add pollutants to it in the bottling process. Due to the pervasiveness of toxins in our environment thanks to heedless human activity, it’s probably a safe bet that many spring waters contain traces of industrial pollutants and bacteriological contaminants. However, that has to be weighed against the known additives to public drinking water supplies such as chlorine and fluoride, not to mention the metals, pharmaceutical residues and other toxins that utility filtration does not fully remove. A good strategy, or at least one I use, is to vary up your drinking water sources if you are unsure. I try a lot of different spring water brands and avoid the so called “purified drinking water” such as Aquafina and Dasani, since these are nothing more than glorified tap water taken from municipal sources. It is true that buying bottled waters can have adverse effects on the environment; namely, causing the additional production of plastic container waste, causing the increased burning of gasoline in order to cart the products across country, and putting heavy strain on springwater sources. On the other hand, as long as municipal water systems insist on dumping known toxins such as fluoride into my local drinking water supply and doing a poor job of filtering out the mood stabilizers pissed out of someone’s body upriver in Cincinnati, I have little choice but to resort to the regrettable bottled-water option.

  6. Adrian Sanderson says:


    Americans are just sad, sad people..
    The whole point of Evian is to avoid the fluoride in tap water.
    But then, I find Americans – dear souls! – get confused with NATURAL mineral called fluoride, and that other chimical stuff from factories they throw into your drinking water which thney ALSO call fluoride – just to get you lovely lambs confused.

    You can read about my own personal – positive! – experiance with EVIAN here:

    As you can see, my severe breathing problems were solved once I moved to Evian….

    Please continue with Evian – you can’t go wrong with it.

    p.s. of course the comical remarks at the top are just what they meant to be – slightly darker-comical.. no harm or offence was intended!


    • gravybread says:

      Adrian, Thanks for your feedback and perspective. I do try to avoid fluoride, so that’s something in Evian’s favor. I would also probably agree with you that — in a number of ways — we Americans are sad, sad people. We really are self-flagellants it seems on many levels and we don’t get enough pussy, and when we get it it’s somehow something evil and to be hidden. And we believe that Fox News is the best news information source, according to polls, when a study has in fact found that people who watch Fox News are less informed than people who watch no news at all. Sad.

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