We Need the Crying Indian Again

crying-indian_fullhead80p.jpgLike every issue, global warming—or global climate change to be precise—has become an either-or, polarizing, divisive issue between the Left and the Right; between science and religion: Either you believe humans are causing it or you don’t. And if we are, then we need to change the way we live.

The crux of all this for the Righties, of course, is that anytime anyone is asked to change their habits then that must mean a Commie plot is afoot to take away their freedoms and steal away their Amurkin way o’ life.

So, that leaves us at an impasse in which the Rightie-Corporate-led government undermines science and does all it can to keep us from changing our ways.

For the record, I side with the scientific consensus and with Al Gore. I think that we have to dramatically decrease our greenhouse gas emissions. I do my part: riding the bus and biking every day, walking and no longer driving a car.

And guess what? I manage to get to work even though I live 20 miles away—and even manage to finish a book while in transit every few weeks. And I feel healthier, too.

People who say that cars are the only way are just lazy, whiny, wimpy bastards. I find it ironic that all the tough-talking SUV, Hummer, and 4×4 pickup types act like they’re the shit, when it’s “sissy liberals” like me who better exemplify the classic, pioneering, American can-do progressive spirit. I get out there on the road on a bike, and I manage to find a way to get it done. Most of these dependent fatsos know that they can’t bring their suckling, coddled cottage-cheese asses to do it, so they wimp out and sit their overweight carcasses right back into their plush rich corinthian leather and protect their timid little selves from the elements.

And furthermore, I’m installing those ice-cream-cone-style curly energy saving lightbulbs in my lamps. It will save me money, and that’s something that even polluters and energy wasters just might understand.

And there’s more I intend to do.

Even so, there’s one other thing that I think we possibly need to stop doing.

And that’s to stop arguing about global warming. In fact, I say let’s take global warming off the table, period.

crying-indian-silhouette75p.jpgAs long as the issue continues to be divisive, nothing useful is going to get done.

It’s time to look to the past and reframe the issue: This is about pollution.

Whether pollution causes global warming or not, nobody with any kind of sense can argue that pollution is good for anybody or anything.

Breathing toxic air and drinking toxic water is indisputably a bad thing.
No argument.

So let’s get the issue back to where it was in the 1960’s and 1970’s.
At that time the message was simple: Pollution is bad; let’s stop it.

As a result, the momentum swung against pollution, and polluters. Even a Republican president, Richard Nixon, was eager to put strong laws on the books.

And, like then, we need to find one strong, simple symbol that makes the issue easily, starkly understood. Something like the “Crying Indian.”

Anybody out there who’s over 35 knows what I’m talking about.

In 1971, one of the most dramatic and powerful public service ads ever made was first broadcast—and it was shown for years repeatedly throughout the 1970’s.crying-indian-tear65p.jpg

Rowing his canoe through sludge and silhouetted against a nasty pink smog-laden sky, the great crying Indian sets foot on Modern America—only to suffer the indignity of fast-food garbage thrown at his feet.

If you haven’t seen the ad before, then you can catch it here at good ole Youtube:

So I say again, let’s make the issue pollution; not global warming.

The rest will follow.



12 Responses to We Need the Crying Indian Again

  1. madmouser says:

    So, you would want us to believe in a lie and produce an sympathetic image to make it is easier to digest. Humbug to you.
    Yeah, you a pioneer, I doubt it. If you think walking or riding a bike makes you a pioneer, you are an idiot. When you hunt for your food, cook over a wood burning fire, get your water from a stream in a non-sterilized bucket and your milk from the cows utter, churn your own butter and make your clothes from the fabric used to haul your flour, then, and only then can you say you are a pioneer.

    What you are is a Liberal phony-baloney. I drive an SUV and trust me, I do not have cottage cheese butt. I am probably healthier than you.

  2. Rocco says:

    Thanks for that. I believe the man you speak of was Iron Eyes Cody…a Sicilian and a actor.

    Some how that irony fits too under the not so warm glow of the ice cream swirly lights. Keep America Beautiful they told us as children but couldn’t even ask a real Indian to be in the show?

    If you want a real crying Indian (Native American) try Chief Seattle:

    “If we have a common Heavenly Father He must be partial, for He came to His paleface children. We never saw Him. He gave you laws but had no word for His red children whose teeming multitudes once filled this vast continent as stars fill the firmament. No; we are two distinct races with separate origins and separate destinies. There is little in common between us.”


    Aside from that…keep it Mammoth baby!

  3. gravybread says:

    Notice how Madmouser (appropriately monikered, I might add), fails utterly to refute my central argument about pollution. As long as the Righties can gain the upper hand by casting doubt in the populace about global warming, they’re perfectly happy to keep the “debate” there instead of making it about pollution. Pollution is inarguably bad. I’ve exposed their modus operandi and tapped into something they don’t want said.

  4. gravybread says:

    Thanks for the wisdom of Chief Seattle. But you have to admit, Iron Eyes Cody got the job done; I mean, look at the guy! He looks more Indian than an Indian. And anyway I’m not of the school of thinking that you have to be a certain race to play a part. If that was the case, Laurence Olivier wouldn’t have been allowed to play Othello—which, if you haven’t seen the film, shows the great actor at his theatrical best.

  5. guinness74 says:

    I fall into your category as well. The bike-riding, lightbulb-changing, SUV-hating liberal who abhors the fact that honest-to-God science is actually being subdued in order that people can feel okay with their gas-guzzling addiction to the open road. I say, when the well dries up, they’ll understand. One can only hope it’s sooner rather than later. Maybe when gasoline reaches the $17/gallon mark will they see that riding a bike is the way to go.

    As for pollution, if we could just get people to quit throwing cigarette butts out of their car window and to actually hit the garbage can instead of aiming around it, I think the world might be a little cleaner.

  6. Rocco says:

    No, I agree it was effective (when we were kids), what I’m noodling at is the duplicity of the campaign on one hand being valid vs. an actor pulling at our heart strings on the other…mixed message…granted, anyone can play anyone, as SUV hating-bicycle riding-bringing our own bags to the store folk, we’re getting played all the time. Is that going to stop us? I think not. Again thanks and keep ’em coming.

  7. gravybread says:

    I dig the point.
    BTW, gave a looksee at your blog and am glad to see you are a fellow skeptic of things religious. -EG

  8. Jon H Allen says:

    The most RECENT NOAA survey reports that the ice caps so broadly displayed in Gore’s Nobel Prize winning film are, in fact, almost back to pre-panic size.

    And the UN’s most RECENT report shows the ice fields world over are increasing as per the usual cycle. Look it up.

    And the polar bear population is actually on the increase. Look it up.

    So, stop with the knee jerk Gore-kissing hand-wringing.

    Of course, conserve, reuse, recycle, and buy those weird litle light bulbs, but do some research. Before you get on your bicycle and pontificate, check out objective. current, data.

    And yes, Richard Nixon, and those evil Republicans, passed laws designed to reduce pollution. Guess what, the rivers are cleaner, and the air is cleaner, than it was when Nixon entered office. Look it up.

    Try thinking for your self. Stop parroting the wackos. More facts. Less propaganda.

  9. Jon H Allen says:

    PS. Man’s activity on Mother Earth contributes 3% of the CO2 released into the atmosphere (the US Share is about .8 %). So what part of that comes from autos? Or Gore’s energy guzzling mansions?

    You do remember President Carter and the gas crises of 1973. Long lines at gas station and all the rest. Every President and Congress since then has preached the gospel of energy independence. Good for them. When Carter was Pres, US imported 35 of the oil we use. Now it is 60%.

    So thanks a lot Democrats and Republicans!

  10. guinness74 says:

    Dear Jon,

    According to Polar Bears International (http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/bear-facts/), the polar bear status is threatened and or endangered for at least 5 different species. There is an increase of sightings on land, but this is attributed to change in distribution patterns and accessibility to sea ice. So, I did look it up, and I’m still on my bicycle…not necessarily because I like polar bears but because I think that your statistics that you report (which are not backed up with actual links) are based on short term outlooks which is not helpful at all.

    I do believe that some of Gore’s science in his film is a little skewed and I’ll agree with you on that point. However, I’ll say that Gore is light years ahead of Bush in terms of understanding actual environmental impact…and is actually doing something to try and stop the problems. And let me assure you, there are definitely problems.

  11. Enola says:

    Jon really needs to find something to do… like, I don’t know, being useful in this world. I am so tired of his endless dribble about all of the things that he “knows” is best from church issues to environmental issues. I think it’s safe to say you just don’t know old man.

  12. […] when you talk to people of that generation about making an environmental PSA, they immediately point to it. Visually, it was very well made. It consists of two simple moments — people throwing litter […]

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