The Wail and Howl of a Wounded WordPresser

I am in pain. The pain of a writer who just miscarried.

frustrated-writer.jpgThere it was, a brilliant, beautifully crafted post about politics and journalism. Timely, topical and neatly enhanced by my own personal experiences. I hit the “save and continue” editing button, but, whoa, I forgot to put a headline on the post. It’s gone. There’s no draft saved. I scroll back a page to see if it’s still there. Oh sweet relief. It is. I block copy it and save a safety to MS Word. I look at it in horror. It’s an earlier draft, one third complete and missing the carefully delineated, precisely worded argument in the middle. Still thinking I can find the completed draft, I scroll though the WordPress dashboard. Nothing. I make a half-hearted stab at “reconstruction.” I start with the last sentences first, because they are fresher in my mind. Maybe that way I can remember each sentence that led to the next. But it’s gone, faded like the fragments of a dream. I can’t do it. The moment—that early morning freshness and enthusiasm–has passed. The passion is gone. The fervor that drove it killed by helplessness and disappointment.

I learned a lesson: put a headline on the post, first thing. And that’s just what I did.

But I wish this hadn’t been my post for the day.


2 Responses to The Wail and Howl of a Wounded WordPresser

  1. guinness74 says:

    Man, that really sucks. I hate when that happens. I lost my very first blog post on WordPress that way. I totally feel for you, but I’m certain that you’ll be inspired again and come up with something even more impressive.

  2. gravybread says:

    Thanks Guinness,
    Good to hear from you again. I was so happy with what I’d written. It was a musing on White House press conferences, taking an angle that I hadn’t seen before, and I was expecting to get some traffic from the political junkies. I might even take another stab at it on Monday, but the wording I had will never be retrievable. Every once in awhile you feel “on” when you’re writing, and that’s how I was feeling. Which makes the letdown over the loss all the more agonizing. Thanks for the words of encouragement and for being there to read. -EG

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