Fixed My Bicycle in 2 Minutes

My bike is creaking and squeaking. I just had the bottom bracket and back axle replaced a few months ago. Surely those weren’t broken again.

Not that they were major expenses. $30 for the bracket (parts and labor) and $25 for the axle (likewise).

In other words, the kinds of repair costs I can live with and gladly pay now that I am sans auto. In auto-land, parallel repairs get into the $500 and up range.

I told Carson Torpey my dilemma and after a second of hesitation as he thought about my scenario, he said, “Bring it in; we’ll give it look.”

Torpey owns the Bardstown Road Bicycle Co. at 1051 Bardstown Road just south of Highland Ave. in Louisville, Ky. (a couple storefronts south of Wild & Woolly Video). The shop was recommended to me by a colleague and I have never gone wrong with their friendly, affordable and good old-fashioned personal service. They are another example of why going local for your service and goods is best.

This is not some paid ad, BTW. In this world of big corporate suck-ass service at every corner, I just wanted to share one place that still does it right.

Torpey, shown here in the pic with my bike, threw my cycle up on some vice-like diagnostic doohickey and repaired my bike in about 2 minutes. Something to do with the pedal and the brakes. I was out the door in less than five. No charge.bardsbike1_100_0199.JPG

I should have taken some snaps of the shop’s beautiful interior showroom and its choice selection of bikes and gear, but I didn’t think of it at the time.

Instead, here are a couple of the exterior.




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