Grey Alien Sez: We Beamed Up Ann Coulter and Cheney

Note: Gravy Bread has allowed the Grey Alien to use this blog as a forum to occasionally inform the people of Earth of developing news from an outsider’s perspective. Gravy Bread is not responsible for the content of the Grey Alien’s message nor do we necessarily agree with the statement given. However, in this case…


Earth Humans,

We are among you. We could no longer remain silent in the present climate of danger that you have allowed to envelop yourselves and to threaten the very existence of you and your planet.

Recently, we abducted the United States’ vice president and an influential woman (we think) media personality known as Ann Coulter. coulter.jpg

Prior to returning them safely to Earth and wiping away the memory of their stay with us, we performed various experiments to try to better understand why they say and do things that sway large numbers of mischeneysmirk.jpegguided humans to spread messages and perform actions that endanger the welfare of humans and the planet Earth.

We thought it necessary to inform you of the danger of these people and to share with you the results of one of our experiments.

We were perplexed to find in the place of their hearts, the following:


We will perform similar tests on Bill O’Reilly and others.

Beware, humans, of those who mislead.

Universal Peace,

The Grey Alien

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