Mega MP3 Site List in progress

(A lot people seem to be accessing this posting—which is out of date—so here’s the shortcut link to the Mega Super Mammoth MP3 Blog Sites List. It is always “in progress” but is now up and usable. The rest of the posting that follows is out of date, FYI).

For those of you who like to hear and collect all the wonderful musical gems that have come to life thanks to the Internet and especially the blogosphere therein (and no thanks to the tight-fisted, message- controlling, homogenous, tastekilling, mass-market music industry), I am providing my master list of music blogs. Because I refer to these a lot, I decided to scour a number of other large lists on bloggers’ sites (including the ultimate and great one on the Nau Pyrata blog) and refine the lists to match my musical tastes which run a wide gamut (see my Stuff I Like & Not page). The advantage of this listing is that I’ve given a very brief, quick-view one-line nutshell of the type of music(s) offered at said blogsites in addition to pithy comments on how often they are updated. This is important because some sites are prolific and need constant monitoring while others post less frequently and can be surfed once a month or less. It’s easy to fall behind on some of the more prolific sites, or lose out on stuff that expires or gets deleted. (NOTE: I have found a number of “dead” blogs on the Nau Pyrata site that I have weeded out, no doubt some others posted here ill die similarly. In some cases I deleted a few sites devoted to stuff like rap that I have no interest in).

REMEMBER: This is a work in progress, I still have to insert bold headings for the blog titles and place URL links on all of them; that’s going to take a few more days.


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