Warm Valley

The smooth Warm Valley mood Duke lays down
is ground
awaiting a traveler;
the sun-dappled valley soundscape needs balance
when its sights fill the mind
of the passerby;
With gravel underfoot Ben steps solo
through the scene; adding some rain,
some smells, some pain,
Hinting at must and remains unseen
under haystacks,
leaving mud tracks,
Matching birdcalls in refrain,
filling the valley with soul cries,
sights breathed so low
their echoes reverberate in farm ruts
in a wide open meadow;
sunlight casts shades and shadows,
and clouds cast a more rueful note
on the floor;
the solo traveler leaves the scene
on a blue note of hope;
the main theme returns, same tune,
but transformed,
slightly mournful,
the warm valley scene still dappled in light
is a sight more lonely than before.


c. 2001, 2008 Evan Gilling


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