i would

I would mesh with skin in a web of white strings
binding us in a cocoon, warm and fragile bonds
encasing muscular thrusting souls;
I would live in warm beds and library cubicles,
I would scratch my pubic hair freely on the shore;
I would read whatever I wanted, whenever;
I would sever my labor from my hatreds;
I would work at creating, and sating my hunger
to live
I would stop the hoarders from hoarding
my time
I would stop being a boarder in the world
that I own
I would rhyme to anyone, whomever,
I would commit crimes that hurt no one
I would sun in the park at lunch hour
and the rest of the day, if I wanted
I would talk to the clerks at the bookstore
in the morning,
or the grocery store girl with the dimples
in the evening;
I would hang my hat on the clock hands,
and rest my bones whenever,
I would never set foot in a bank
Unless it was made of beautiful stones

c. 2001, 2008 Evan Gilling


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