swirl (a magnum opus)

Swirling matter curls in huge tendrils
hurtling in miasmic gases outward;
prehensile fingers of creation
propelling worlds to their own
twirling orbits;
in a vacuum, unheard booms
in the cosmos
herald the birth
as massive umbilicals
of dust and mist
twist and disconnect
into spirals;
atoms, and galaxies
and the writhing hooks
of star fires
all rotate;
hurrying to fill the nooks
in the outer bounds
of blackness;
cyclonic winds turn
columns of volcanic smoke;
falling ashes and acids
fill gullies;
burning oceans
lap into eddies
where whirlpools
begin to cool
the shores;

Star stuff, alone,
floats in organic
oil slick soup;
looping in a dance
to mate into molecules;
DNA double helixes
dance a reel
as they propagate;
fetuses curl in
embryonic pose;
glacial ice turns
up and under
in the tundra;
tectonic plates
grate up and down
in rolling friction;
tornadoes scour
the ground;
the smoke of wars
curl under and up,
back upward toward space;
all forces turn in a fury
seeking purpose;
a baton twirls
in Mahlerian ecstasy;
and your head turns
to me
when I kiss your neck



c. 2001, 2008 Evan Gilling


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