drinkypoo girly

purple juices
to your throat,
wetted tongue bottom
lubes the center
of a reddened lower lip,
ice teeth pinch
tingling tips,
dayglow crimson cake
layered, slathered, pasted
on moistened skin,
swollen pink pucker
slaked in slurps,
vanilla cream drops
trickle and spurt,
sliding straw pop,
glistened skin sops,
sucking, licking
straw tip sticking,
saliva spit streams
shining, weaving
leaving creams,
sweet honey milk
and butter, lees,
lapping lotion,
cranberry backwash
violet lapping ocean,
sloppy slurping
edible rubbing motion,
raspberry, cherry
sated scintillation
thirst quenched elation

c. 2001, 2008 Evan Gilling


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