junkyard (an experiment) [current circa 2000, now dated]

It’s a junkyard in there
Will she find her way out?
It’s a tangle of hair,

mystery shrouded
in the sheen of magazine paper,
movie star capers,

clean faces, clearasil, the pill
tapers and layers of hair,
air-brushed lolitas’ bare bellies,
crushes and pita bread, pizza,
a bare–breasted supermodel stare
jelly bears,
flares, beverly hills, bel air, teddy bears,

hangin at the mall, cell-phone calls,
walkmans in restroom stalls,
postered bedroom walls,

hanging at the gap,

shopping bags, sandals, candles,
tabloid sex scandals
skanks, tanks, tom hanks

mybad, yadda yadda,
adam sandler, Napster, hamsters, glam,
rappers, oil lamps, blackheads, mascara,

DVDs, SUVs, SATs, origami, and dickies,
esprit, cameron diaz, scream,
98 Degrees, beepers, Seventeen, self esteem,
xtreme, zirconia rings, MP3, fruit drinks,
e-mail, heels

keepin it real,

Friends, ym, eminem, incense, split enz,
aguilera, leather,

coffee and latte, bussin’ tables, bustin moves, dropping trays,
jane, pagers, road ragers, skaters, playas, makeup,
breaking up


nikes, hair dyes, gen y, eyebrows, teen lines, drive-bys
want fries with that?
bi-’s, guys, sweet valley high

trippin and kickin,
dissin’ britney,
sippin, dippin chips, flippin hair clips,
the racks at abercrombie and fitch,
flippin over brad pitt,

flippin the bird at dorks, pork eaters,

flippin channels, channel surfin, net surfin,
dot coms, da bomb, pop, no commas, the body shop, schnapps, hip hoppers,
soccer moms, julia roberts,


homeboyz, hos, dayglow, 5-Os, coke, microsoft windows, soaps, cell phones, lipo, espresso, soft shell burritos, Cheetos, Sbarro, Starbucks,
Taco Bell,

aol sux

pierced tongues, he’s hung, chicken nuggets, sluts, pooh-butts, tummy tucks, blunts

augmentation, anniston, justins, brandons,

scrunches, fast food lunches, skool, maya angelou, allure, yahoo, hewitt,
the ‘hood,
knockin’ boots


instant messengers, hannibal lector, sketchers,

frendz 4 ever,

favorite colors, red, green,
unwed mothers,

homeboyz, toyz, rudeboys and dudes,
gurls, curls, real world, u go girl, costume jewels,

no rulz,

I rule!
i m 4 u
the future

c. 2001, 2008 Evan Gilling


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